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2025 N-Series Diesel


The 2025 N-Series Diesel will speak the new global Isuzu brand design language, “Cross Flow.” Designers worked to create a look that would cheat the wind while maintaining an unmistakable Isuzu identity.

  • A more aerodynamic cab is quieter and more efficient, and this is the quietest, most efficient Isuzu cab ever.
  • The striking new grille continues the “smile” theme of previous generations while directing the flow of air around the sides of the cab.
New headlamp design


The all-new headlamp assembly employs LED clearance lights, turn signals, high and low beams and side marker lights. LED lights are brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient than halogen bulbs.

This new lamp design also provides a larger lighted area to provide better visibility of more of the road ahead.



The 2025 N-Series diesel will offer GVWRs ranging from 14,500 to 19,500 lbs., allowing you to handle those tough demands. It also has has wheelbases ranging from 109 to 176 inches to accommodate the right body for your vocation.

New front bumper


The newly designed front bumper improves cooling performance and is made up of three separate pieces to help reduce any future repair costs.


Interior Motives
Behind the Wheel

  • Interior Safety Features Big-League Safety. Now, driver and outboard passenger frontal airbags are standard on every 2025 N-Series Diesel. Remember, airbags are supplemental protection and are designed to work in combination with seatbelts.
  • Interior Cup Holders Stay Hydrated. It’s easy, because the 2025 N-Series Diesel features a total of four cupholders.
  • Electronic parking brake Electronic Parking Brake. Available only with ADAS option. Fully engage the parking brake with a simple button activation.
  • Seating Please Be Seated. The 2025 N-Series Diesel offers three-across seating, and all three adults will be comfortable, thanks to new urethane seat cushions and new upholstery. In addition, the driver’s seat back is 30 millimeters higher than prior N-Series seats to accommodate taller drivers, while the driver and outboard passenger’s hip points have been lowered 10 millimeters for a better seating position. And to top it all off—the driver’s seat even features an arm rest.
  • Climate Control Climate Change That You’ll Appreciate. Climate controls in the 2025 N-Series Diesel are built into the instrument panel and, more importantly, adopt a new electric control that makes operation easy and intuitive. And when the climate on the outside turns wet, drivers will appreciate the new variable intermittent windshield wipers.
  • Auto Light Sensor New Auto Light Sensor. An illuminance sensor mounted on the left front of the cabin detects the level of brightness outside the truck. When the sensor detects a light level lower than its threshold, the headlamps will automatically illuminate—along with the clearance, license plate, marker, daytime running lights and taillights. With the light control switch in the “Auto” position, you won’t have to worry about a driver forgetting to turn the lamps on again.
New 2025 NRR

The new N-Series Diesel offers a Crew Cab configuration with seating for up to seven, in addition to the Standard Cab with three-across seating. Four adults can sit in comfort in the spacious back seat, easily accessed by the wide rear doors.

ADAS System

Optional Advanced
Driver Assistance System

Advanced Driver Assistance System Safety Package
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
  • Recognizes the lines on road ahead to determine if driver strays too far from road’s center
  • Visual and audible alerts on MID
  • Two sensitivity levels
  • Monitors road ahead for obstacles such as pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles
  • Warns the driver of such obstacles with visual and audible alerts on MID
  • If necessary, will automatically apply braking force to reduce vehicle speed
Distance Alert System Forward Vehicle Start Notification
  • Notifies driver when front of Isuzu truck is within a certain distance of vehicle ahead
  • Visual and audible alerts on MID
  • From a stop, notifies driver when the vehicle in front of the Isuzu truck has moved forward a certain distance (at a traffic light or stop sign, for example)
  • Visual and audible alerts on MID
Mis-Acceleration Mitigation Full-Range Adaptive Cruise Control
  • When starting to move from a stop, if an obstacle in front of the Isuzu truck is detected and the accelerator is depressed more than necessary, engine output will be restricted
  • Helps prevent or lessen the severity of accidents caused by mistaken accelerator pedal depression
  • Allows driver to set both a desired speed and a desired following distance from the vehicle ahead
  • If the vehicle ahead slows down, the system will automatically slow the Isuzu truck to maintain pre-set following distance
  • System will then accelerate the Isuzu truck to the originally set speed once vehicle ahead speeds up or the lane is clear
  • System can bring the Isuzu truck to a complete stop. If it does, the Isuzu truck will return to its originally set speed only after the driver depresses the accelerator.

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