Isuzu Commercial Vehicles

America's #1 Selling Low Cab Forward Truck Since 1986

Warranty Coverage at a Glance

Isuzu trucks are covered by some of the longest warranties in the industry.

N-Series Gas Trucks Warranty Limitations
(time or mileage, whichever comes first)*
Percentage of Dealer's Normal Charge Paid by Owner
Coverage Months* Miles* Parts & Labor
Basic (See "What's covered") 0-36 0-36,000 No Charge
- Transmission
- Drive Axles
- Propeller Shaft
- Front Axle I-Beam
- Crossmembers
0-60 0-75,000 No Charge
Frame Rails 0-36 0-36,000 No Charge
36-60 Unlimited 50%
Engine Emissions Control System Federal 0-60 0-50,000 No Charge
Engine Emissions Control System Warranty Performance California** 0-36 0-50,000 No Charge
Engine Emissions Control System Defects (Long-Term) Warranty California** 0-84 0-70,000 No Charge
Tires 0-24 0-24,000 No Charge
Corrosion (Rust Through) 0-48 Unlimited No Charge

* The warranty coverages are determined by the mileage of the vehicle and the number of months from the delivery date. The warranty coverages are limited by whichever occurs first.
** See Warranty and Owner Assistance Information Manual for specific coverage.