Isuzu Commercial Vehicles

America's #1 Selling Low Cab Forward Truck Since 1986

Warranty Coverage at a Glance

Isuzu trucks are covered by some of the longest warranties in the industry.

F-Series Diesel Trucks Warranty Limitations
(time or mileage, whichever comes first)*
Percentage of Dealer's Normal Charge Paid by Owner
Coverage Months* Miles* Parts & Labor
Basic (See "What's Covered") 0-36 Unlimited No Charge
- Drive Axles
- Driveshaft
- Front Axle I-Beam
- Crossmembers
- Flywheel Housing
0-36 Unlimited No Charge
Transmission Allison Automatic Transmission®
Allison Automatic Transmission are warranted separately. Vehicles equipped with Allison Automatic Transmission are covered by Allison's warranty. See Allison information provided with the vehicle or Allison authorized dealers for specific details applicable to warranty and ESC coverage for individual Allison Automatic Transmission model and series. Allison Automatic Transmission are not warranted by Isuzu.
Frame Rails 0-36 Unlimited No Charge
36-60 Unlimited 50%
Emission Control System 0-60 0-100,000 No Charge
Tires 0-24 0-24,000 No Charge
Corrosion (Rust Through) 0-48 Unlimited No Charge

* The warranty coverages are determined by the mileage of the vehicle and the number of months from the delivery date. The warranty coverages are limited by whichever occurs first.
** See Warranty and Owner Assistance Information Manual for specific coverage.